Anne Marie Rowe

Anne Marie Rowe is a L1 Certified CrossFit trainer who strives to empower others to live a healthy lifestyle through coaching group classes, private 1:1 training sessions and nutritional guidance.

Anne Marie began her CrossFit journey at Tower Place Crossfit in January 2014. As someone who has always been very intimidated by anything remotely athletic, she understands why some people are very intimidated to try CrossFit. CrossFit has been the catalyst for greatly increasing her endurance, both mentally and physically. She also understands the weight struggle that people often have. CrossFit has been instrumental in her changing her dietary lifestyle as well.

She is also a life coach and a sports performance mindset coach, which gives her more tools to help clients reach the goals they set for themselves.

When she isn’t at Tower Place CrossFit, she is coaching clients to live a more on purpose life, improve their mindset to perform better under pressure. She is also mom to a busy 8 year old son.

Anne Marie’s other interest include reading or escaping to her family’s mountain cabin.


  • CFL1 Certification
  • The Brand X Method Kids Certification

Ricky Johns

Ricky Johns has been coaching since he was in High School. He started coaching Little League Baseball in 1991 taking 3 teams in a row to the State Playoffs. Ricky has gone on to coach youth soccer and tee ball. In the late 90’s he managed and coached several tournament softball teams that won several major national tournaments.

When Ricky attended Georgia Southern he was on the Varsity Cheer Leading Team for 2 years. As you can tell Team Sports are a passion for Ricky.

Having completed 3 Spartan Trifectas and working on getting his Syndicate Medal with the Savage Race, Ricky loves being outside being active. These races help build great team work. Having gone several years with out softball or any major activity he found Crossfit. Ricky has become very active in the Crossfit Community. He began doing Crossift with Tower Place Crossfit in 2013 and in that time he has grown as an athlete and a leader.

In the short time that Ricky has been doing Crossfit he has won several individual and team competitions, he has gained his Crossfit Level 1, worked as a personal trainer, and has decided to go back to school to get his degree in Exercise Science.

Ricky is driven by the refusal to except failure. Ricky believes it is a coaches purpose to help an Athlete find their inner beast, a coach believes in you and knows your ability even when they think they are at their limit.

Ricky is married to Jeannie and together they have 5 children. They live in Sharpsburg.

Melissa Dickerson

Melissa began her crossfit journey in August 2013. After years of running 5k’s, half marathons, and playing indoor soccer she decided to change up her daily workout. She was encouraged by her husband to come try a workout and quickly realized this was a better alternative to running. She found that crossfit allows her to accomplish her fitness goals in an hour time span, instead of logging hours of miles.

Melissa grew up playing soccer and karate competitively and found that crossfit gives her that competitive spark back.  You can find Melissa competing at local crossfit competitions on the weekend to keep that spark alive.

After 4 years of raising her 4 kids and attending classes on average 4 days a week she decided to get her Crossfit Level 1 Certificate.

When not at Tower Place Crossfit coaching or training, Melissa is a busy wife and mom. She can been found at the baseball fields cheering on her two boys or at the local cheer gym watching her two girls.


  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Attitude Nation Level 1 Weightlifting

River Webb

River began his CrossFit journey his freshman year of high school and his passion has been growing ever since. Early on in his life he started playing competitive baseball until near the end of high school.

After baseball River strictly started focusing on CrossFit and bettering his leadership skills and overall fitness. In 2015 River gained his Level 1 certificate and took the next step in coaching others to reach their fitness goals. He has also competed in numerous competitions with great success.

River is currently a sophomore at the University of West Georgia studying sports management and plans to continue with a career in the sports field and further his knowledge of fitness.


  • Crossfit Level 1

Tommy Collins


Nicole Odom

Nicole grew up in Peachtree City, Ga doing gymnastics and playing soccer. She retired from soccer after a few knee surgeries, but continued to go to the globo gym for regular workouts. Nicole was initially introduced to CrossFit in 2009, but wasn’t ready to fully switch to CrossFit. After being over weight and unmotivated in the globo gym, she fully committed to CrossFit training in the end of 2011, and received her L1 in May of 2013. What Nicole loves most about CrossFit is that it can be modified to fit anyone’s fitness level or ability, and how it helped her train through two healthy pregnancies.  She now resides in Newnan with her family and her dogs.


  • Crossfit Level 1